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Play and Learning

The benefits of play run deep. Much deeper than just having fun . . .

Choosing a Toy?  Consider These Questions

Ever wonder what you should be thinking about when selecting toys for your children? See what the experts say.

Tips for Storytelling

Storytelling is a valuable skill for kids and adults, and the HeroMe Handbook is a great tool for developing storytelling skills.

Playtime and Innovation

Can childhood play help develop future innovators? According to one expert...YES!

Why Creativity Matters

Creativity is a word that's usually linked to art and music. BUT, did you know creativity plays a role in the development of other academic skills as well?

The Value of Creative Play

Kids are creative geniuses. Fostering their creativity through play leads to the development of important life skills in the future.

HeroMe Mission

HeroMe is about more than just a bottom line.