The Value of Creative Play

At HeroMe, we believe kids are creative geniuses.  Their stories have twists and turns that few adults could contrive, and they solve make believe problems with enviable confidence.  It is this creativity that helps them develop.  According to Kristen Race, PhD, unstructured play allows kids “to think creatively and adapt to new situations, which is part of developing the ability to solve problems.”  

The best way to help kids develop is to let them play.  Jean Ipsa, PhD, writes “Being there is important, and you don’t have to be completely hands-off, but early play works best if the child is in charge.”

At HeroMe, we want the child to be in charge.  From selecting the design of the HeroMe, to naming and creating a personality for the HeroMe, to developing the story of the HeroMe, the child is in control.  The result?  Children are engaged and excited about the HeroMe, and the opportunities for creative play are endless.  

While we can’t claim to be doctors, child psychologists, or developmental specialists, we can look to experts (like the ones featured here) to provide insights into the world of children.  At HeroMe, we rely on resources like this as we create toys and experiences that ultimately fulfill our mission: “to inspire creativity and do good.”

Original Source for quotes: Real Simple Magazine, January 2014.