What is HeroMe?

HeroMe is a toy company that wants to help the kids of today create an even better tomorrow. HeroMe inspires creativity by allowing kids to create their own superhero, and we encourage kids to "Do Good" by letting them figure out how to save the day. We believe these skills will allow kids to creatively solve the problems of the future.  

How does a child create his or her HeroMe Action Figure?

Kids can create a HeroMe by visiting the HeroMe Lab.  Simply scroll through the options by using the left and right arrows to choose a look, superpower arm, and superpower leg.

How can I give HeroMe as a gift?

Great question!  You have two easy options for "gifting" a HeroMe.  The first option (and our favorite since creating the HeroMe is part of the experience) is to purchase a HeroMe Gift Certificate.  When you purchase a gift certificate, a unique gift code will be sent to the email you provide.  Simply pass the gift code along to the lucky gift recipient and he or she can begin creating their HeroMe.  The recipient won't have to worry about paying for shipping because it's free!  

The second option is you can create a HeroMe at our HeroMe Lab specifically for the recipient.  For instance, if the gift recipient has become a strong swimmer, you might create a HeroMe with a Strong Arm and a Frog Leg to let him or her know how proud you are.  Once you've created the HeroMe, simply ship the finished action figure directly to the lucky kid.  

What is included in the purchase of a HeroMe Action Figure?

Each HeroMe purchase comes with:

  • (1) HeroMe Action Figure
  • (1) Re-usable rocket ship box
  • (1) HeroMe Handbook
  • (1) Customizable I.D. card

Additional products and accessories are sold separately here.  Find more information about our HeroMe Action Figures here.  

How much does a HeroMe Action Figure cost?


What's the deal with this 1 Year Warranty?

At HeroMe, we’ve worked hard to develop a toy that is safe and durable.  We stand behind our product, and we’re proud to offer a one-year, no questions asked warranty on broken HeroMe Action Figure parts.  If your HeroMe Action Figure breaks (meaning a foot or hand comes off, a head, arm, or leg detach, etc), simply contact us for a free replacement.  Please note, this warranty does not cover paint chips or scratches.  For more information, see our Terms of Service.  

To take make a claim on your HeroMe Action Figure, please contact: Customer.Service@HeroMeLab.com

Tell me about your Return Policy?

We are confident that you and your child will be delighted with your HeroMe Action Figure.  If you are not 100% satisfied, we encourage you to return your HeroMe for a full refund within 30 days of receipt.  For more information, see our Terms of Service.

To make a return, please contact: Customer.Service@HeroMeLab.com

Why don't you have more customization options?

We are committed to continuing to grow our line of HeroMe looks and superpowers responsibly. We know our looks and superpowers don't cover every hair, skin and eye color, but we are excited to continue adding to our line as we grow as a company.  Do you have an idea for a particular look or superpower?  Shoot us an email to Info@HeroMeLab.com and let us know!

Why can't I create an "all powerful" HeroMe?

If you've been to our HeroMe Lab, you may have noticed that no combination of powers creates an "all powerful" superhero.  This is intentional.  While you can choose some superpowers that will make your superhero stronger or faster than others, no one HeroMe combination can be the fastest, strongest, most agile, etc.  Instead, we want kids to focus on using the powers they do have for good.  We think this is an important life lesson (even superheroes can have some areas where they aren't the best) AND we think this just makes the creative process even more fun!  

How tall are the HeroMes?

The HeroMes are 12 inches tall.

Do the HeroMes move?

All HeroMe Action Figures have fully articulating joints that move with a child's assistance.  

Are the HeroMe parts interchangable?

No, once the HeroMe Action Figure is assembled, the parts cannot be removed.  We designed the HeroMes this way for two reasons.  First and foremost, for safety.  Rest assured that HeroMe Action Figures are well constructed and should not break, hence our 1 Year Limitied Warranty mentioned above.  The second reason is the character development and storytelling process.  In all our tests and studies we did developing HeroMe, it was clear that kids were able to create much more dynamic characters and stories when their HeroMe wasn't constantly changing.  

What about safety?

The HeroMe Action Figure is safety rated for kids 3 and up.  

HeroMe products are safety tested and certified by American and European agencies.  HeroMe products meet all safety requirements and are certified under ASTM and EU guidelines.

HeroMe is committed to bringing you a high quality toy that’s safe for kids. We use the utmost care with the plastics and paints utilized in the production of our plastic pieces. As added security, all of our pieces and products go through rigorous industry safety testing in the USA and the EU before they ever leave our assembly facility located in the USA.  

Where did you come up with the idea for HeroMe?

When I lived in Charlotte, NC I got to work with a great kid (we’ll call him “T”) through our local Big Brothers Big Sisters program.  Back then, math was not T’s best subject.  As T battled with his multiplication tables, he created a superhero with his own imagination and without any help from an adult.  He named his hero MathMan.   

MathMan was nothing more than a pencil drawing on notebook paper, but the adventures T created for his MathMan were extraordinary.  MathMan would defeat the evil Mathon who would throw multiplication and division signs, like ninja stars, at MathMan.  T’s creativity blew my mind.  Working with T led me to an obvious conclusion: kids are creative.  Kids’ imaginations are second to none, and no one can create a story like a child.  

As I thought more about kids and their imaginations, I realized that there was a need for more creative toys that would appeal to both girls and boys.  Craft kits, painting sets, and most customized or creative toys like Build-a- Bear and American Girl Doll are marketed primarily to girls. Many toys that appeal to boys come with a prescribed set of rules or a storyline the child feels required to follow during play.  For instance, when kids play with any well-known superhero, their imaginations are confined by what they already know about that character.  Batman will always have a bat cave, and Luke will always be Darth Vader’s son.  The idea of launching a company focused on inspiring creativity in girls and boys seemed obvious.

I started HeroMe because I want kids to inspire kids’ creativity.  When kids use their creativity and imagination to develop superheroes that are uniquely their own, the adventures they create are extraordinary. 

Did you know...

Once your child names his or her HeroMe and gives it a personality that HeroMe is 100% unique.