HeroMe Handbook

Every HeroMe created comes with a 56-page HeroMe Handbook.  The HeroMe Handbook is full of games and activities designed to spark a child's imagination, teach them a few grammar and science facts, and help them craft their own adventure story about their new HeroMe.  The HeroMe Handbook is designed for an eight-year-old to complete alone, but children as young as four can enjoy the activities with some assistance.  

The HeroMe Handbook features three distinct sections:

1. The Basics.  In this section, the child will be asked to give his or her HeroMe a personality, draw pictures of his or her HeroMe, and think of ways the HeroMe's powers can be used to "do good." 

2. Field Training.  In this section, the child has the chance to complete a number of games and activities to spark creativity.  From mazes to word searches to trivia facts, kids can learn while having fun in this section.

3. Adventuring.  In this final section, children will learn to craft their own adventure story through progressive activities.  First, kids will review grammar and create a story by filling in the blanks of our "HeroMe Holes" stories.  Next, kids have the chance to write an ending to an adventure story where their HeroMe can help save the day.  Finally, kids can write (or draw, or act out) their own adventure story from scratch with the help of our guided outline.  "HeroMe Helpers" are available throughout the handbook for extra help.

The HeroMe Handbook is a great tool to engage your child in conversation about his or her HeroMe.  From coloring to storytelling to trivia and games, the HeroMe Handbook is a fun way to learn.  

Did you know...

If a child completes the activities in the HeroMe Handbook, he or she will have written a full hero cycle story!