Ultimate Bundle

Grab a bundle of good!

The Ultimate Gift Bundle is a great way to fully outfit you child for the adventures of life. He/She will have the opportunity to create their own HeroMe action figure, which will come with a personalized poster, matching HeroMe Capes, a HeroMe t-shirt, a learning handbook, and a rocketship box.

Bundle Details

  • 1 Personalized HeroMe action figure - personalized to his/her liking
  • 1 Personalized HeroMe poster - matches the hero they create
  • 1 Child's cape - fly in style
  • 1 Action figure sized cape - matching your child
  • 1 HeroMe T-shirt
  • 1 HeroMe Handbook - learning opporutnity
  • 1 HeroMe ID Card
  • 1 Reusable Rocket Ship Box - endless ours of fun!



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