How to Gift a HeroMe

The holiday season is upon us, and the flurry of gift giving can feel overwhelming.  We're here to help make the process a little easier with some ideas for how to "gift" a HeroMe to a child in your life.

1. Purchase a Gift Certificate.  When you purchase a HeroMe gift certificate, you will automatically receive an email with a gift code and a gift certficate that you can print and gift.  This is a great way to give a HeroMe because:

  • It allows the child to choose the combination of powers he or she most admires.  
  • Creating a HeroMe is a fun activity that you can do with the child - and you get to see the child's imagination at work firsthand.
  • Shipping and taxes are included in the price of the gift certificate so using the certificate is simple - all the child has to do is create his or her HeroMe.
  • The process is easy and automatic - perfect for last minute gift giving!

2. Create a HeroMe.  You can visit our HeroMe Lab and choose the powers for a customized HeroMe to gift.  This is a fun way to gift a HeroMe because:

  • You can tell the child why you chose specific powers.  For instance, if the child has recently mastered a new level in swim lessons, you can create a HeroMe with a frog leg and let the child know you are proud of his or her progress in the pool.  Or, you can give a HeroMe with a strong arm to represent the child's strong heart, friendships, attitude, etc.
  • Creating a HeroMe means the child will have a gift to unwrap and play with immediately.  

Wishing you a holiday season with a little less stress and more time to connect and create!