HeroMe Partners with Children’s Home Society of Florida, Buckner Division

Last summer, HeroMe and Children’s Home Society of Florida, Buckner Division (CHS) began exploring the idea of using HeroMe Action Figures in CHS’s therapy program.  After several conversations with the incredibly talented team at CHS, HeroMe and CHS quietly launched a pilot program in September 2015. 

CHS therapists selected fifteen children to participate in the initial pilot program, and HeroMe happily donated customized action figures for each participant’s use during therapy sessions.  Over the course of twelve weeks, CHS therapists used the HeroMe Action Figures to encourage dialogue and reinforce therapeutic concepts both during therapy sessions and once the child was at home. 

While there is still plenty of work to be done to develop the program more fully, the initial results are outstanding.  CHS therapists reported multiple benefits to using the HeroMe Action Figure, such as relationship building, client engagement, and the delivery of therapeutic concepts in developmentally appropriate ways.  Participating therapists also reported that the HeroMe Action Figure was used to address: anxiety, low self-esteem, impulsive and hyperactive behaviors, oppositional behaviors, poor social skills, and trauma related symptoms. 

HeroMe is honored to continue our partnership with CHS in the coming months to develop more therapeutic programs and interventions for kids.  To learn more about the work CHS is doing for kids in northeast Florida, be sure to visit their webpage.