HeroMe Gift Certificates

What's the best way to give a HeroMe?  It's a question we get a lot, and the answer is easy: HeroMe Gift Certificates.  Yes, gift certificates sound impersonal and boring.  But a HeroMe Gift Certificate is anything but a regular, old gift certificate.  You are giving the kids in your life the opportunity to create their own personal superhero (where else can you do that?), and they are creating their own adventures (how could that be boring?).  

It's simple too!

  1. Go to www.heromelab.com/lab/purchase-a-gift-certificate and purchase the bundle that fits best.
  2. The recipient will receive a Gift Certificate Code
  3. The lucky kid goes to www.HeroMeLab.com/lab to create his/her HeroMe and enters the Gift Certificate Code at checkout.  

Shipping is always free and quick.  We hope your kids will love their HeroMes, and we hope you love hearing the stories your kids have to tell!