Create Your Own Superhero with HeroMe

Personalized Superhero

At HeroMe, we believe in creativity, fun, and doing good all while playing with a superhero. HeroMe allows kids to create their own 12” superhero action figure by choosing different superpower arms and legs. Let your little one tell their own story while personalizing a HeroMe with a bionic arm or the speed of the cheetah leg; the choice is theirs! There are no pre-packaged stories here so they have the freedom to focus on what is important to them.

Research shows that creative children are often more flexible, better problem solvers, more emotionally intelligent, and better equipped to contribute to an ever changing world as adults.


When children create a HeroMe Action Figure, they also create the stories and adventures of their HeroMe. Each HeroMe comes with a HeroMe Handbook full of activities and games designed to help children write a story about their new superhero friend. Kids develop their creativity while they create their HeroMe story.

Do Good

The only character HeroMe has developed is the amiable scientist who works in the HeroMe Lab, Dr. Socs. Dr. Socs does not require much of the HeroMes or the children creating the HeroMes, but he does require that all HeroMes from his lab must use their powers to “Do Good.” This message is reinforced throughout the HeroMe Handbook that comes with each HeroMe Action Figure.

By giving children a chance to be their own storyteller, HeroMe sparks imagination and creativity and gives them a sense of accomplishment because it’s completely up to them! Once they see how fun it can be to be the master of their HeroMe’s story, what other things will they be inspired to create?

Are you ready to create a personalized HeroMe with your child? Head over to our hero creator on our website, here.